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Rhinoplasty Information

2 Jan. 2012 Posted by Doctor in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Filiberto's blog on the Rhinoplasty Procedure


Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, commonly called a "nose job," that improves the appearance and function of your nose. Skilled plastic surgeons, like Dr. Filiberto, a board certified nasal surgeon in Melbourne, Florida, perform the surgical nose reshaping. Although the most obvious benefit is a more asthetically pleasing appearance, rhinoplasty also improves breathing if your nose has structural abnormalities. For example, rhinoplasty can correct a deviated septum.


You may decide on rhinoplasty to improve your hereditary appearance or fix damage done by an injury. An experienced doctor like Dr. Filiberto will help you evaluate your goals for the surgery to make sure they are realistic. Some of the problems corrected by rhinoplasty include narrowing a wide nose, adjusting the size of the nose, removing obvious depressions or bumps on the bridge, and making an upturned, droopy, or bulbous nose tip look more attractive.

In general, you should be at least 13 years old and in good physical health to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Non-smokers get better results because smoking inhibits post-surgical healing. Dr. Filiberto has performed over 2,000 rhinoplasty operations, so he can evaluate your personal situation to make sure that you're in good shape for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is painless when performed by a skilled doctor like Dr. Filiberto. You're placed under anesthesia, and the surgeon makes the incision and does the reconstructive work. Afterward, you'll most likely have to wear a splint and bandages and have internal tubes for about a week. You may have some minor discomfort, which is easily controlled with medication.

You won't see the positive results of the rhinoplasty right away. Your nose will be swollen at first, and even after the swelling goes down, the shape can take up to a year to reach its permanent look. You may experience occasional morning swelling during that first year, but it stops once your nose is completely healed and the final surgical results are evident.

Each case is different, so cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Filiberto consult with new patients before the surgery and make themselves available for questions before and after the procedure. Most people who opt for rhinoplasty are very pleased with the results. They can breathe more freely, they look better, and they get a self-confidence boost.

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