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Face Lift Information

28 Dec. 2011 Posted by Doctor in Plastic Surgery
Frank Filiberto

Facelift information | Dr. Filiberto


Men and women who want to revitalize and restore their looks from the effects of aging can do so through a face lift. A face lift surgery causes the face and neck skin to tighten and smoothen, thus providing a younger look. Through this plastic surgery, a patient can also receive desirable adjustments to their facial features. There are essentially two face lift procedures.


a) Traditional Face Lift. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon makes an incision around the temple region down to the ear. To hide scarring, this incision is made around the hairline. The skin is then lifted to reveal the underlying facial tissues and muscles, which are then tightened. Any excess skin and fat around the face and neck are also removed during this process.


b) Limited or Mini Incision Face Lift. This procedure is preferably recommended for younger patients or those with minimal excess facial fat and skin. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon makes smaller incisions compared to the one in the traditional face lift. The focus of this process is to smoothen out the middle section of the face other than the neck and chin regions.


Based on a patient's surgical and anatomy goals, a plastic surgeon will recommend the best face lift from the two procedures and also formulate a tailor-made treatment plan after the surgery.


Because of the magnitude of the procedure, a face lift candidate should ensure that only a board certified plastic surgeon is chosen for the task. Such a surgeon should be well-trained and experienced in face lift procedures. For a successful facial lift surgery, a trusting and open relationship should be cultivated between a patient and a surgeon. Such a relationship fosters open discussion of desires, concerns, and recommendations.


Before engaging in the procedure, one needs to determine whether they are qualified for a face lift or not. This evaluation test is done by a plastic surgeon during the initial consultation stages. Some of the factors that will be considered are:


a) Loose skin on the neck and face. Excess skin is required for removing wrinkles and tightening the skin.


b) Skin elasticity. For successful healing, a candidate needs to have a certain level of skin flexibility and elasticity.


c) Strong bone structure. A distinct bone structure is necessary for proper support of face tissues and skin.


When a candidate passes all these requirements, they are on their way to getting a younger look from a successful face lift surgery.


Dr. Filiberto performed thousands of successful facelifts in 2011 alone. Check out Artful Awakenings Cosmetic Surgery Center for more information.

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